Monday, 25 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday/Prodromal Labour Version

As weird as it may seem, one of the main reasons I like menu planning in advance is that it means I have a back-up plan if things are subject to change. For example, last week after posting (and before linking) I began the very early stages of labour and was assessed in hospital for a few days, so one night both my husband and I ate hospital food while the kids stayed elsewhere, and the meal that was planned for that night stayed in the freezer until Saturday. Luckily we've not wasted a lot of fresh food, even though I've remained in prodromal labour (ouch, sleep deprivation, etc) and the best thing for me is to be on bedrest for when my contractions actually start doing something, so thank goodness for convenience food. Last week's curry remains in the freezer, as does the mixed grill meal which I've been planning for weeks, and may (or may not) be the last thing I eat before I go nil by mouth later in the week prior to my 'planned' C-Section. If I've not gone into full labour and had 4thSister by VBAC-2 by then. Are you keeping up?! (I think there is a post in itself in here somewhere!)

Thanks as always to Mrs M for the inspiration and the link-up. If I get to link up this time!

Monday - Hot Dog Sausages in Finger Rolls with Onions, Oven Fries & Coleslaw

Tuesday - Meat Free today: Pasta with Pesto & Parmesan

Wednesday - Mixed Grill of Beef, Lamb & Pork steaks with chips

Thursday - Frozen pizza if anyone is at home (possible hospital food for me)

Friday - Scampi/chicken nuggets out of the freezer, oven fries, frozen peas (hospital food)

Saturday - Doughballs and pizza (again! - the easy option)

Sunday - Abel & Cole meat pie served with chips, peas & gravy

Can I just say I also scoured the school lunch menu for 'inspiration' this week. We send ours with a cold, packed lunch as it's a) healthier, b) more likely to be eaten and c) what they want to do. The only thing the school menu did was remind me we hadn't had spag bol in a while, and made me glad I didn't serve sausages with oriental noodles and mixed vegetables. I have to say, the hospital food I encountered last week looked more appetising and, despite the county's efforts to the contrary, I find their meal options disappointing.

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