Sunday, 31 August 2014

Back to School - the laidback version

We are now returned from our holiday in France. Photos and a post on that later, I hope. But meanwhile, in honour of days which mainly revolved around when the shops were going to open and what we were going to eat for dinner, I am stumbling around tiredly letting a back-to-school plan largely formulate itself:

1) Rather than properly wash the Autumn coats, instead hang them out in the breezy sunshine to air, ready for Wednesday.

2) Drink coffee.

3) Focus on the happy joy of our family life and ways, without flaunting them on Facebook, or wasting time looking at what other people do & how they flaunt it on Facebook.

4) Recognise that the times that aren't happy or joyous, and the differing needs of our four girls, are okay and although I can pre-prepare for school on Wednesday to help ensure a smooth start, I can't plan for every eventually, so I won't kill myself trying to.

Relaxing in France

5) Thank God I purchased new school shoes for the big girls before we went on holiday, and have an old pair of Clarks that remain sturdy and fit Rebecca.

6) Remember that although a glass of French red wine wasn't the answer to all life's problems, it can be soothing and remind one that sometimes, you just need to slow it down.

7) Pray. I can never do back-to-school alone. It's time to bring in the big boys. (By which I mean, erm, God. Duh.)

8) Idly philosophise as to whether to wash last year's schoolbags, which aren't completely worn through, or pick up new ones last minute if there are any left in the shops...

9) Realise how adaptable and mature the kids were on our travels and that they can cope with life's little adversities better than I can. (or, don't sweat the small stuff.)

10) Re-read this post every time I feel myself getting overwhelmed with the amount of laundry and back to school preparation I have to do :-)

A tout a l'heure!