Monday, 4 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Well...I missed the last couple of weeks due to the kids being off school, and generally being tired and disorganised (35 weeks pregnant, anyone?!). I assure you my menus were all planned out, even though things have had to chop and change due to aberrations like me, oh, you know, forgetting to order the essential ingredient we needed or having to collapse on the sofa and order takeaway at the last minute :-) !! Generally this is why I menu plan, to avoid spending extra money or having to dash out for something I've forgotten, but my hormones clearly have other ideas (as well as NEEDING to eat yogurt A LOT.)

Meat Free Monday - Aubergine Parmigiana I absolutely LOVE this dish, although it's very time consuming to prep the aubergine. I now usually cheat by using passata or chopped tomatoes with basil added, rather than using fresh basil, which obviously doesn't taste as great, but....

Tuesday - Tortilla Wraps with Chicken, Leaves, Soured Cream, Guacamole & Salsa

Wednesday - Fish in Passata (Jools Oliver's recipe) This isn't dissimilar to Monday's recipe ~ as it's Lent we're having fish twice a week, and this is one of my favourite ways to cook it. The recipe is from Jools' book about her first two babies, 'Minus 9 to One', and I've had more success making this and her spag bol than with her husband's recipe! 

Thursday - Chicken Salad

Friday - Fishfingers, oven chips & frozen peas

Saturday - Frozen pizza & salad

Sunday - Lamb chops & roast dinner trimmings

Read about everyone else's meals over at Mrs M's (I particularly enjoy the ones where recipe links are included as they give me inspiration...)

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