Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Meal Planning Monday ~ 11 March 2013

Yes, it's late! I'm having another baby, don't you know? (#36 weeks pregnant.) So yesterday, when 3rdSister was at her Gran's, the priority was getting gifts for the Sisters from the new baby, and picking up 2ndSister's party invitations from our local playcentre, because these are OBVIOUSLY things that need doing NOW in case 4thSister comes EARLY, aren't they! (I can see just a smidgen of hormonal nesting syndrome and hormonal rage creeping through everything I do at the moment....)

Anyway, here's what we're eating this week. Still a fairly plain Lenten menu ~ I'm trying to do quicker and easier meals over the next month just in case baby arrives in which case, sticking a chicken in the oven isn't even something I'm going to contemplate!

Monday ~ Wholewheat penne with chargrilled vegetable and tomato (supermarket) sauce & grated parmesan

Tuesday - Cooked Chicken in a (supermarket) Teriyaki sauce with red pepper, red onion and white cabbage, served with packet noodles and boiled brown basmati rice

Wednesday ~ Frozen tuna steaks served with oven fries & green beans

Thursday ~ Chicken salad with crusty bread

Friday - Battered fish fillets, oven chips & mushy peas

Saturday - Spaghetti Carbonara

Sunday ~ Mixed Grill AND a pudding!

See - minimal cooking, which is good, as standing up isn't even that easy right now. I've also ordered in some ready meals from Abel & Cole this week, and will be stocking up on supermarket freezer stuff too. Obviously I had great plans to freeze homemade meals but what with life and everything, they've gone out of the window, although there is a Nigel Slater Double Ginger cake in the freezer to feed people who come round to visit once we're home with the baby. I would LOVE to be doing lots of cooking and baking right now but it's just not practical! Lovely to look at everyone else's ideas though - share yours with Mrs M!

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  1. Eeeek not long to go! Hope you have a good week, take it easy!