Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sunday Worship ~ what do we expect from it?

Sometimes we're called to be at the foot of the Cross. Life...people...merely existing physically can be a struggle. But I've always thought that attending Communion or Mass on a Sunday morning should provide, to a greater or lesser extent, at least some of the following:

  • A sense of wellbeing;
  • An opportunity for joyful worship in song with others;
  • A sense of reverence and prayer;
  • Communion with God;
  • Joining in spoken worship with other Christians;
  • An opportunity to meet with the Holy Spirit;
  • Finding Jesus in the Eucharist;
  • An enhanced understanding of scripture;
  • Time for personal prayer and reflection;
  • Spiritual refreshment, and hopefully fulfillment;
  • A period of peace;
  • A chance to share fellowship with other worshippers;
  • A break from the strains, stresses and duties of the week ~ a Sabbath.

Do you find this at your Church on a Sunday morning? 

If so, where?

If not, do you find it elsewhere?

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