Sunday, 21 August 2011

Where my readers come from!

Now then, it's very early days for this new blog of mine, and to honest I'm still amazed/excited/confounded when people stop by and maybe even linger or  (*gasp*) comment! Particularly as I am more doing this as a record for myself rather than trying to encourage blog traffic my way, and especially as I know I don't even have time to view all those pages I have lined up in my Google Reader. I am not therefore concerned with my blog stats that much, but when I do look and see I do get pleasantly surprised, particularly when I see that my audience this month included readers from:

United States

United Kingdom





As someone who deliberately chose to learn more about the world by studying people in different places and cultures, I like the idea that people overseas are stopping by. Sometimes we may feel that the only people who would understand our family situation are those in the virtual community rather than the neighbourhood where we live. As well as quiet time and childcare, I truly believe that mothers benefit from sharing experiences with other mothers, whether they live round the corner or across the globe. As long as we remain fully present in our families most of the time, the internet and the blogosphere can definitely be a blessing.

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