Friday, 19 August 2011

7 Quick Takes Volume 4

With thanks as ever to Jennifer Fulwiler at Conversion Diary for hosting.

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 139)


Well, FirstSister has identified the type of fish tank she wants (the Aquaone 620 - and we're talking aesthetic design choice, not sturdiness or capacity or size - the grown-ups are taking care of that.) Sadly the guy in the aquatic centre couldn't spare us a single moment of attention during our visit as he was serving another customer - FOREVER - so once the three children's interest in all the different kinds of fish and watching me discover exactly how wobble-proof the aquarium cabinets actually were had finally waned, we left. I really hope we can find somewhere to purchase from where a family wishing to invest in a whole tank-and-fish set up is paid a little more attention. Because FirstSister really doesn't suck her thumb to sleep anymore, and neither does she wail that she wants to suck her thumb, and it's only been a week, and she deserves those fish!


Jennifer Fulwiler, is that one oversized, enormous teddy bear, or are my encounters with scorpions influenced by giant-sized ones in computer games?! Either way, I am a) surprised how small the critter seemed to be, and b) thankful we don't have even small (killer, death-inducing) scorpions trying to invade our house in England.


It seems I have sprained my ankle just in time to hobble around the expanse that is Legoland UK. I was even thinking about taking the Sisters to see Kate's wedding dress at Buckingham Palace while we are down that way, as well. But doing anything is not a priority right now. Sitting, resting, elevated leg is my plan for the near future.


I am really pleased CNN have picked up the Lydia Schatz story. I simply cannot understand the Pearl method, or how people can actually inflict it on children, let alone justify it biblically. I am also thankful for bloggers like Permission to Live and Elizabeth Esther who DESPITE (and perhaps because of) the way they have been raised, they want to put things right, and publicise the tragedy of Lydia's death, and also publicise the tragedy that persons who purport to be Christians inflict child abuse in God's name, WHICH. MUST. STOP.


The girls and I watched Free Willy the other night. I thought it was a cute movie about an orca. I had no idea it was a story about an abandoned kid who was living on the streets and got placed with a foster family. The sisters were a bit fazed, but I think they enjoyed it! I cried....


Similarly, I am having difficulty reading aloud ThirdSister's bedtime story. Along with stuff like the Little House series, E B White, Enid Blyton and the Bible in various versions, we've been exposing her to some of Jacqueline Wilson's canon. Not the really serious stuff, but still stories with a good amount of realism including tales of children in foster homes or families experiencing debt. I think it's helping her understand how privileged she is, and she loves to read them. But the latest, Hetty Feather, is about a poor family in Victorian England to get paid to take in foundlings from the local orphanage, help them thrive, love them, and then GIVE THEM BACK TO THE ORPHANAGE BEFORE THEIR 6TH BIRTHDAY! Hearts break within the fictional family and within this house. Mainly mine. My husband has to read it while I cry. (Not that I would rule out fostering children, mind you...)


ThirdSister is saying MA-MA now! How excited am I?!

Have a good week, everyone (anyone?!) who reads.

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