Monday, 29 August 2011

Snippets: The X Factor

I had one of those moments the other day, explaining to FirstSister why people competed on The X-Factor, where I felt my age. We still say 'record deal' don't we - well of course she doesn't know what a 'record' is. A CD, yes; a DVD definitely, a video sometimes. Vinyl, a record or even a cassette tape - these are things of my past, it seems. Things from the olden days :-)


The girls don't really get the whole judging thing, mind you. FirstSister's favourite from the first episode of the (UK) series was a fifty year old shaking her booty, badly, sounding like a Tina Turner impersonator. A BAD Tina Turner impersonator. (I'm being objective, here.) It's kind of nice my girls don't agree with the professional judges. They like brash, shiny and loud. The ones that move a lot. Although equally they don't get that a lot of the people auditioning are broken and need love, not to go and perform and be laughed at.


I recorded the first two episodes of X-Factor because I can enjoy sitting through people singing (sometimes badly) even though the whole concept irks me, and the kids have heard about it and showed an interest. But we were watching yesterday and first SecondSister brought her reading books to me on the sofa with only half an eye on the singing, and then FirstSister wandered off to write a journal entry about the life of the bean plant she has grown over the past couple of months. Again, this is kind of nice, that they would rather do their own thing than watch other people do theirs. (For now, at least.)

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