Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A Box of Books

ThirdSister gets Brown Bear, Brown Bear, for her recent first birthday

We missed going to the library this week, and I'm a bit lost. FirstSister still has a book she's in the middle of, but SecondSister (who is learning to read) is bored of what's in our library box - and besides, we're getting behind on the Summer Reading Circus Initiative we have here during the UK summer holidays. As a trained academic and a lover of fiction to boot, a lack of new books (different books; library books) is quite troubling to me, and I'm glad we have things around the house that are great for reading practice other than books because SecondSister is getting quite the thirst.

Granted, the two eldest sat in front of two (relatively short!) Barbie films this rest time (both about how not fitting in is okay, and you don't have to run with the crowd to be a fulfilled person, for the record) - how else would I have been able to rid the 79 layers of grime from the bath with the aid of my vinegar-water pump and tub of bicarbonate of soda (thanks, Kathleen Basi). But a couple of weeks ago we landed in a hotel where the restaurant didn't take dinner reservations. My husband patiently queued (with a beer) for over forty-five minutes while I unpacked a little and all three girls, including ThirdSister in her travel cot, entertained themselves with books. I am blessed.

So could I take a minute to moan about government funding cuts which mean that our library is closed today and every Wednesday? Today I had time to go (well, yesterday I had time, but I didn't want to venture out on 3 hours sleep, so sat and watched them perform shows instead.). But it's the wrong day. Okay, we practised reading (and telling the time) with this fantastic Orchard Toys game. But no new books are in the box. And, with the opticians and visits from friends, no opportunity for the rest of the week. Maybe we'll have chance this weekend. Library closures, sheesh. No wonder so many teenagers are rioting....

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