Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A visit with the Methodists

First of all, I should say that I don't really feel qualified to say I partook in a Methodist service this week. I did not attend the Chapel service - instead, my children and I went to the concurrent Hall service where I spent most of the morning chasing after my 1 year old, and FirstSister and SecondSister took part in activities. There was no scripture, not really, and as it's the holidays and everything is a little different, there was no music. I'm not sure whether Holy Communion took place in the Chapel, but there was none in the Hall.

That probably won't sound like a service to many of you, and it doesn't really to me, but you know what? That didn't really matter. It gave me enough of a feel for the place and the people. The theme was prayer and numerous prayer stations around the room gave any adult or child enough to work with. Two good and holy people I knew were on hand to pray with anyone who wished. Plus there was a separate activity for the kids, who got a lot from it. Also, EVERYONE was given a piece of clay to mould (OK, I lied, there was scripture - the potter & the clay reference that has been chasing me round this past month.) And, did I mention, there was a whole range of ages at this service? Not just, the older folk are at Chapel and the kids and parents are in Hall. People were mixed up. I commented on this, and realised that some weeks the older folks do go to Chapel, but some weeks they like to go to Hall. There's a choice of how to worship, that doesn't perpetuate such a kids/adults divide as we currently have at our home church.

So really, given that it wasn't even a typical Hall service, I don't think I'm qualified to comment. But I can say that people were friendly (but not scarily so), and I knew lots of people there, but the ones I didn't were welcoming too (but not scarily so.) Oh, and the big girls loved it and want to go again (and this was a service without cake...!)

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