Monday, 15 April 2013

Church Firsts

first communion promenade series

I've now linked this post to the First Communion Link Up at Catholic Icing, part of the First Communion Promenade. Read other First Communion Posts there!

It was 2ndSister's First Holy Communion yesterday. Such a joyful, special occasion:

It was also 4thSister's first church service - she pretty much slept throughout! 


To be honest, at two weeks post-C-Section, if it hadn't been for the ceremony, I don't think I would have made it to church. It was a big, big effort, including lots of face time with family (who aren't regular churchgoers) and church family & friends (many of whom were meeting Joeybaba for the first time) and I was sore & exhausted afterwards, but so happy that we took part. 

Many people I've spoken to see First Communion as a Catholic 'thing', or a My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding 'thing', so it's been important to explain to them that although our previous Anglican priest allowed unquestioned access to anyone who wanted to receive communion, from toddlers up, our current incumbent introduced something more along the Bishop's guidelines: a 6 week course of learning and understanding, for children to prepare for receiving Holy Communion. 2ndSister has absolutely loved it, and gets it completely.

Reading the Gospel

The morning service was open to all, and the children involved were responsible for the Gospel reading, saying prayers, giving out hymn books and telling us what they had learned, before going up with their families to receive their First Communion.

With Ice-Cream

We also tacked an outing to a pizza restaurant (with ice-cream) on afterwards to celebrate, so by the time we got home it was definitely time for a restful movie afternoon! I did say to my husband, I don't know how we managed the day, with its special events AND all the other things we got sorted for the back to school onslaught (making lunches, bathing children, sorting schoolbags and ensuring a peaceful bedtime routine)....

It has occurred to me, however, that these are the peaceful months - with a newborn that doesn't need chasing after and will just stay put! Perhaps we can fit in a sneaky Peppa Pig World visit next holiday, while we're at this stage - although the Hilton website suggested that:

There are no rooms available for [this time period] at Hilton Southampton hotel. 6 guests per room may exceed the occupancy limit for rooms at this hotel

so perhaps I'm being too ambitious ;-) We'll see. I'm another three weeks away from driving or even being able to walk the children to school (I wheeled the pram around the block on Saturday and it took me all day to recover!).

Which reminds me - big kudos to the NHS today. Obviously I'd develop a fingertip infection on a Friday, that didn't shift all weekend, when the doctors' surgery was closed. (I blame all the nappy changes and hand washing.) It's not exactly running septic up my arm or anything, but come this morning, I knew it needed sorting. Thing is, as well as taking the big girls to school and 3rdSister to her Gran's, my husband does actually need to recommence paid work today, so there was little chance of me getting in for an appointment.  Thankfully the receptionist and Doctor on Call both took pity on me (I felt like I was majorly overreacting!) and there is an antibiotic prescription awaiting collection at reception for when someone is available to get it later. (John, if you are somehow reading this blog post before I email you about this, could that someone  be you, once you've done the dancing drop off?!)

OK I seem to have gone off at a tangent! Finally - after doing a  First Communion crossword puzzle, 2ndSister asked me to explain the Eucharist to her. My baby brain forgot that Ann Voskamp has like a whole book on this subject, so shamefully had to Google, and of course - the original Greek means Giving Thanks. So, I give thanks for our family & our special time on Sunday, and the time & space I have to blog as my postpartum and post-surgery recovery continues :-)

How she wanted her hair :-)

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