Monday, 6 May 2013

Meal Planning Monday: The Oh it's a Bank Holiday edition

Firstly - this Bank Holiday thing has thrown me! Coupled with a newly magical baby, who now puts herself to sleep when she's tired, letting me do all sorts of other things (including cooking!), the weekend has run away with me. Also, the weather has been warm, allowing for a trip to the park - although I steadfastly served roast beef, cauliflower cheese, new potatoes, roast potatoes and gravy. (Not, you may notice, horseradish, which I forgot about, and yorkshire puddings, of which there were only two. I also forgot the Spanish Chicken sauce last week but luckily FabDad popped to the shop. I fear there is no chance of me remembering to take photos of last week's meals at this rate!) Meanwhile, this is what we're having from now on:

Meat Free Monday: Butternut Squash Soup with crusty loaf and slabs of cheddar cheese

Tuesday: Beef Stroganoff (with yesterday's leftovers) served with rice, garlic bread and a cabbage which I have in the fridge (definitely an Eastern European dish then!)

Wednesday: Roast chicken and oven chips

Thursday: Roast chicken salad

Friday: Scampi and oven fries

Saturday: Pizza Hut delivery with chocolate ice cream - because it's 2ndSister's 7th birthday

Sunday: Smoked Mackerel Salad, whatever the weather's like, as 2nd & 3rdSister and I are in Dance Show Dress Rehearsal all afternoon.

Other plans include baking at least one cake, as I have eggs that need using, and lemons, and demolishing the ton of rhubarb that my friend Mary brought round from her allotment yesterday (yay!)

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