Friday, 17 May 2013

7 Quick Takes: The Getting my Mojo Back Edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 217)

I don't know whether it's a hormonal or serotonin imbalance (or maybe both! as a friend suggested yesterday) but at 7 weeks post-partum I'm struggling more than I anticipated I would with life in general and it's time for a reboot. (Thank God I realised I need a reboot!) So here are seven hopefully very quick takes (especially for Delena) listing my commonsense masterplan:

1) See the Doctor

Despite being in tears at my 6-week postnatal check I protested I was OK and didn't need help. Duh. Thankfully Beth Woolsey helped me see the light. Even if I'm picking up by the time of the appointment, it's a safety net.

2) Pray

My prayer life needs a radical overhaul. Or something. I can't get back on track by myself. So I'm talking to God about it. Here's the longer version.

3) Exercise

3rdSister was ill so I missed my return to aquanatal exercise last week. It's on hiatus until June now. I find that depressing in itself. I need endorphins! Real life and online people keep inspiring me to try running again, despite my dodgy pelvis, and I'm going to try this weekend to take myself off for 15 minutes. (I laugh at myself for thinking I'll last this long!)

4) Food

I didn't have time or inclination to eat properly and got used to being hungry. Conversely I was enjoying buying seasonal ingredients and taking time to cook and bake. At least one of the sisters, usually the 4th, makes my eating family mealtimes difficult. But I've still got to eat well. And take a vitamin.

5) Music

I have lots of digital music on various hard disks and some on an Amazon cloud. We have a Google Nexus which my husband hooked up to the Sony speakers in the kitchen so now I need to transfer my favourite (up to) 20,000 songs to the Google Cloud and wa-hey! I'll be away. My hymns are already accessible. And Elaine Paige's musical theatre show on iPlayer.

6) Cuddles and reading

3rdSister being ill this week scuppered lots of plans and mini-plans but I've really enjoyed the cuddling in and reading. Turns out I need that time connecting as well as her. I've put some different picture books downstairs and hope to bring the kids bookcase in to the lounge so we can just hang, snuggle and read if the baby naps.

7) Talking

It's been easier, as Beth Mancuso also finds, to switch off from talking to people (especially my husband) in general, including about feelings, and retreat inwardly, into busyness, or into a piece of technology. I'm trying to talk more, and listen more, even though my concentration is poor and there are usually several different sensory inputs. Our usual times to do this, evenings and lunch dates, have been spoiled recently, but even if we can get ten minutes over a morning cuppa, it's helping.

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