Monday, 13 May 2013

Meal Planning Monday: 13th May (my birthday!) edition

My husband (aka FabDad) reminded me just now I hadn't posted my menu for the week. I told him I couldn't be bothered, but then remembered I had a gag of sorts I wanted to use and relented. It's my 38th birthday today and to celebrate I've been up half the night with poorly 3rdSister, as well as feeding 4thSister and dealing with 1stSister when she angrily got up for the loo. So I'm at home with 3rdSister rather than at my aquanatal class and out for lunch at my favourite Italian - but it's not too bad, thanks to me planning to have some birthday food in! Really I'm just a little more sleep deprived than usual...

Meat Free Monday: Filo, spinach & ricotta parcels with new potatoes and mediterraean veg were on the menu for tonight. FabDad and  I snaffled these for lunch as we missed out on Bella Mia. The kids will be served pizza/nuggets/fries later on (I have to say I don't get to appreciate many of the meals I line up for evenings, due to 4thSister needing bath/feed/bed around our dinnertime so she doesn't scream all night!)

Tuesday: Brinner. (Breakfast as Dinner.) So many people are posting this as a dish so tomorrow we are having egg, sausage, hash browns etc as a main course. If it's a success I can see this being one of my favourite dinners. And I may even do a Christmas version - I could call it Yule Brinner! (See what I did there?! That was the gag! Geddit? Yul Brynner? The guy from the King and I?)

Wednesday: Wraps with roasted chicken, guacamole, soured cream and salsa served with tortilla chips and melted cheese

Thursday: Chicken salad

Friday: The scampi and chips we never had last week, because 1stSister's godparent brought fish, chips & peas from the chippy round for lunch (I love 'em!)

Saturday: Quick pizzas, as we need to be at the theatre backstage for the Dance Show by 5.45pm

Sunday: Possibly McDonalds or something else quick, as there's a show performance at 3pm and all the family are watching the second half!

EDITED to add: actually, we're having pasta with asparagus in creamy sauce on Saturday & slow cooked lamb shoulder on Sunday - I jumped ahead a week! Seems I am so keyed up about the dance show I forgot we had a well-deserved weekend off. Didn't half panic FabDad when he read this post when it was first published!

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  1. They all sound lovely - I'm going to have to try Brinner sometime soon. Happy Birthday!

  2. love the gag! you need to repost this when Christmas nears, else I won't remember to use it. My hubby loves those kind of jokes.