Friday, 15 February 2013

Quick Takes: Lenten Sacrifice

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We know it's Lent in our house, because 1stSister's hair is shorn, and 2ndSister inflicted a burn on her hand with a frying pan.


Thankfully 1stSister's hair looks pretty good, and I didn't even need to take her quickly to the hairdresser's for a tidy up. She's one of these kids who likes to take matters into her own hands (think stubborn, wilful, lovable) and wanted it shorter but she "mainly did it for Lent." Quite.


2ndSister's hand is healing, although obviously she always has an accident when there's something important to do with dance coming up, like there is next week (two dance exams, plus and extra rehearsal.) She's also about to start her First Communion class, so is pretty busy at the moment, and excited about everything!


Myself, I haven't planned much for Lent. Nothing new, anyway. As usual, we're using Sarah Reinhard's inspiring book at the family table. I've got my soothing and thought provoking Lent CD in the car. We've put away our Alleluias. We're selecting a different charity every week (although the Gospel says I'm not supposed to broadcast this, I know!), no desserts except on a Sunday, giving up sweets and chocolate except on movie night, and (gasp!) computer gaming time on a Sunday. I'm also trying not to automatically check Twitter and Facebook in my downtime, and read more instead, which is great because I'm into a really interesting book at the moment. I'm trying to read more non-fiction. Luckily the fiction book I'm reading is overrated and going back to the library on Saturday. I'm also trying to get my prayer focus back!


That sounds like quite a lot, actually, doesn't it?! To be honest, being 6 weeks away from delivering this baby, with my PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) radiating to my legs, and generally feeling pretty exhausted, is enough of a sacrifice for me! I'm trying to realise I'm not a lightweight or a martyr, and accept my limitations. It feels pretty weird knowing that 4thSister will arrive (by C-Section) by Maundy Thursday at the latest. This is truly an Easter baby, and the next 6 weeks a particularly challenging Lent!


Rather than spend money on each other, my husband and I enjoyed a simple family dinner and dessert we like (smoked mackerel salad and black cherry cheesecake) as our Feast of Saint Valentine and tried to avoid the whole commercial, romantic thing. I came home to find a very tidy kitchen and later got run a bubble bath, which were the best Valentine gifts ever, although I don't think they were designed as such. I did spend some money last month on a new book of love poems, which we can work our way through in the 30 minutes each evening we get together after the sisters are in bed and before I hit comatose exhaustion levels. Which reminds me, 1stSister was inspired to compose a Shakespeare-like Valentine poem last night, which, together with her impromptu hairstyling this week, demonstrates to me, at least, what an idiosyncratic nature she has and that we should embrace it!


I realised there's lots of mention of family but little of 3rdSister....who is now successfully potty trained in the home but yet to be convinced when out and about. So tomorrow I'm biting the bullet and we're saying goodbye to pull-ups forever....what was I saying about not having planned much for Lent?!

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  1. You know, I don't have trouble starting non-fiction, just finishing it! I think I usually have about 8 or 9 non-fiction books going at a time . . . they suck me in, but it takes discipline to keep going after I've done the first interesting bit of skimming.

    1. Yes, I don't know what it is about me and non-fiction - it may be because I've studied so much I'm unable to just 'dip' into a book crammed with info without a pencil at the ready to ring the important bits round. It all seems a bit of an undertaking until I get stuck in!