Thursday, 21 February 2013

New Food CatchUps!

Well, I have been keeping up with my new food trials, but not updating them here. And I really need to take shots on the camera and upload them! But is a brief recap.

Lamb Tagine - 29 Jan

I thought this tasted lovely, and was a nice alternative to curry. It didn't go down well with the children, though, although they enjoy anything that I serve with flatbread, and while my husband and I enjoyed it, it wasn't full of the most amazing flavours ever (I did enjoy the leftovers the next day though.) Sadly I thought making it as an alternative to Indian curry might mean calm stomachs the next day, but sadly ~ TMI I know ~ it didn't. So, I wouldn't make it again in a hurry because of its richness, but it was nice to make something new.

Meatloaf - 3 Feb

We used the Larger Family recipe for this, which Tanya describes as moist, and I found a little too moist but nevertheless enjoyed. Never having had meatloaf, the kids were sceptical, but it went well as part of a Sunday lunch. It was good to batch bake two, so there's still one in the freezer, and again, leftovers were good. Personally I would prefer to spend the money on a chicken rather than mince, but it was a lovely change.

Turkey Tetrazinni - 13 Feb

Why do all the Jamie Oliver recipes I try go wrong? This tasted OK, and was a good use of (the last of the ) leftover Christmas turkey, but the proportions were all out and everything ended up tasting dry; it would have been better if it had been served fresh than being baked in the oven.

I have to say, I can't see me getting to 13 anytime soon! My mobility and energy are severely compromised at the moment, plus it's Lent so we're mainly having light and easy meals. Still, the impetus is there, and I'm about to post a piece about our new eating habits in general.

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