Monday, 4 February 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Meat Free Monday: Tortilla wraps with leaves, grated cheese, refried beans, salsa and soured cream ~ and some cheeky tortillas chips with melted cheese on the side! At this juncture perhaps I should mention that we always have half-fat mature cheddar cheese (unless we're using parmesan) and I skimp on things like soured cream as I try to control my tendency to gallstones by eating a healthy (ish) diet. So although this may sound very decadent, it's not really ;-)

Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo Another attempt for me to make a cheesy chicken pasta sauce that the Americans swear by...

Wednesday: Curry Night I've had to move things around a bit this week. Wednesday I'm serving 2 types of bought chicken curry with basmati rice and 2 types of naan. John will collect from school and take 2ndSister to her swimming class, on their return 2ndSister and I have a church meeting while everyone else eats then takes 1stSister to Brownies, then 2ndSister and I will return for our dinner. So, had to be curry really which will keep!

Thursday: Chicken Salad 

Friday: Fishfingers, Quorn Nuggets, Oven Chips, Peas & Salad. 1stSister is having her friend over who is vegetarian at home, so I'm going to try the kids with quorn nuggets instead of chicken ones & Emily can have some fish if she likes. (I've not served quorn in our house for over a decade now as consuming egg white upsets my digestive system completely....TMI!!!)

Saturday: Greek Meze Falafel, pitta, cous cous, houmous, tzatziki, feta & red onion salad, olives, the works, basically. This is one of my favourite dinners and I love it round the family table.

Sunday: Chinese New Year Feast Bought-in Chinese dishes to be served with rice, noodles and prawn crackers. The kids have always done Chinese New Year projects at school so know all about it and it's an excuse for us to get out the Oriental placemats and chopsticks and do something a bit different.

With thanks to Mrs M! Link up your own menu now :-)


  1. Monday night's meal sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You've gone quite international with your meals this week :)

  2. Definately international, love the sound of the greek night.

  3. It's funny, I didn't even notice we have an international week of food ~ I think it's because we usually tend to eat different cuisines anyway, it's pretty normal for us! I think this is a combination of our adult preferences and what the kids also enjoy - they gobble up pasta and rice but aren't so keen on mashed potato and roast dinners for some reason!