Saturday, 21 February 2015

Books of 2015: A vague reading plan for the next year

As I mentioned in my previous post, Haley's Reading Plan at Carrots for Michaelmas inspired me. Not to want to read more, because I love reading and always want to do more of it, but to have a think about what I am reading in order to have a reading focus. I discovered that although I adore fiction reading, I don't do that much of it unless it's for a specific reason e.g. researching young adult fiction. And obviously I'm reading lots of theology because that's what I'm studying, and parenting advice because I'm a parent, but there might be other non-fiction topics out there other than autobiography I would enjoy.

So here is my vague reading plan for 2015!


Finish Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Kid on Earth and not jump so quickly into the pile of non-fiction books on my bedside table or the science fiction literature that has been delivered to our house in the last week

February onwards

Now, it's funny, FabDad & I have always been huge sci-fi fans and read classics like Dune, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and Iain M Banks culture series. But I know there are classics we've missed, and new, interesting books in the genre. And 1stSister is doing Space & Moon Exploration for her topic this half term, so I've ordered some books (both from the library and second-hand purchases) which are kind of her but mainly for me. And I'm trying not to leap right into them but pace myself, if possible.

Arthur C Clarke: A Fall of Moondust February
Madeleine L'Engle: A Wrinkle in Time April
Robert Heinlein: Have Spacesuit, will travel May
Alfred Bester: The stars my Destination June
Mary Doria Russell: The Sparrow July
Alastair Reynolds: Pushing Ice August
Dan Simmons: Hyperion September 
John Barnes: Orbital Resonance October
Orson Scott Card: Ender's Game November

Similarly, I've got a pile of non-fiction books, some of which I've already dipped into such as Quiet which, as a leader and an introvert is immensely readable, and Playful Parenting which, you never know, might catch me enjoying the playing I do with the girls instead of running for the computer instead. Plus, I'm studying Leaderships and Misison & Evangelism as part of my preparation for my priesthood interview, So I've got some other books for that aspect including Mission Shaped Church which I read chapter one of today. I am going to try and pace myself but the thing with parenting books is that I think "must read that now so I can sort that aspect of my parenting out immediately and things will improve for us all" which, surprisingly, generally works, so they tend to get read first.


If you are eagle-eyed, my reader, you may have noticed there wasn't a science fiction book down for March - this is because I'm going to try and read something different for Lent. I'm not quite sure what yet, because I need to do some of that holy discernment type shizzle (= technical term). It may possibly include fictional stuff by G K Chesterton and/or similar (not C S Lewis this time I don't think), and/or a wider exploration of a different theological topic.

I hope this helps keep me on track and provides me, at least, with some inspiration!

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