Monday, 28 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday

Well I really enjoyed last week's linkup with Mrs M and was pleased to get some comments! Sadly I didn't really get chance to pay much attention to meals and such as I was full of cold/lacking in energy and then we've been on a family break to the West Midlands since Friday, which is why I didn't plan the weekend meals as normal (food ranged from shockingly-bad-hotel-bar-meal to impressive West Midland Safari Park café lunch and, erm, lots of free chocolate at Cadbury World!!) Hopefully I'll pay more attention this week.

Monday: Pasta with Grilled Vegetable & Tomato Sauce (supermarket chiller cabinet) Again it's Meat Free Monday and this is one of our standards. It's the end of the month so sadly no parmesan or garlic bread to accompany the dish this time. But we will be trying a new pasta shape ;-)

Tuesday: Lamb Tagine with Cous Cous and Flatbread I'm trying out something new here, although I've made a similar dish in the past. A Nigel Slater recipe I have adds squash and carrots (which I have from the veg box as well as a red pepper) and there'll be a few dried apricots in there as well. Let's see how this one goes!

Wednesday: Wholewheat Spaghetti with Pesto Sauce (jar) and Roast Chicken. I was going to serve chicken and chips but then noticed we are having chips on Friday too, so I'll cook a chicken and stir pieces of it through with the pesto. For those of us who like our pasta and chicken plain (2ndSister, always) that will also be served.

Thursday: Roast Chicken Salad. I'll serve plain chicken with some crusty bread and whatever accompaniments we have available. At it's the end of the month, for example, we'll bulk the salad out with stuff from jars like sundried tomatoes and olives, & just get a few fresh bits from Abel and Cole (babyleaf salad, celery, cucumber and carrot.)

Friday: Frozen Scampi served with oven chips, frozen peas and ketchup

Saturday: Pizzas (supermarket bought) and salad

Sunday: Meatloaf as a Sunday lunch (another new thing I'm trying) & all the trimmings from the freezer

Hopefully we'll also have some Rocky Road for afters tonight which I never got around to making for our new neighbours until today....there should hopefully be enough for a Welcome gift for them and a piece each for us!


  1. Hope your feeling better now....
    I'm liking the sound of your meal plan!

  2. Hope your neighbors like their rocky road! What a lovely neighbour you are!

    Your meal plan sounds delicious!

  3. Lucky neighbours. Love spaghetti and pesto, you have some very tasty sounding dinners this week.