Sunday, 2 March 2014

7 Extraordinarily Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 151)


I have discovered this week that even if taking part in a blogging challenge, posting every day just isn't possible for me. Sigh.


I have discovered this week that even if I'm posting more regularly than usual, it still takes over my morning prepare-and-organise time in a way that's inconvenient and doesn't work. Bigger sigh.


Which is a shame, as the morning is the time when I'm bursting (ok, percolating, then) with ideas and I've realised this week that I do have stuff I want to share with the wider world, but have other priorities. God-given priorities. Yay!


I have also discovered that if you wash an orange Berol felt-tipped pen in the wash with a load of clothes, with its lid on, it will not leak on the washload and will also continue to write like it should. So this one lives another day to sneak into the washing machine :-) See, this week has not been an epic fail after all!


Tip - a mini-doughnut temporarily soothes a teething baby who is standing up clinging at you moaning while you rapidly try and finish your Quick Takes.


I need to congratulate myself again for keeping all4Sisters alive, fed, washed and entertained, even though I didn't blog every day. Although I just realised I posted on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, which is pretty much a record. And I've almost finished these Quick Takes, only two days late :-)


When she finishes the mini-doughnut, a nearly-one-year-old will scream like you are using her like a pincushion and extend her arms like Doc Ock until she gets another one. Back to intermittent blogging, people!

* with thanks to Jennifer Fulwiler @ for hosting - head over there now and read a whole load of other Quick Takes!

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