Monday, 30 December 2013

Meal Planning Monday: Last one of 2013

Cor blimey it's been absolutely ages since I was here. Yes, I've been menu planning along in the background but I've been keeping a bit quiet in terms of blogging so you haven't got to know! Plus my 'try something new' experiment died a death. For 2014 I'm lowering the bar and just have a few premises to work from - cooking 'proper' food as much as possible, trying new things, cooking food adults want to eat and hopefully kids want to as well, and trying not to get hung up about food. Guessing that's as ambitious in its own right!

Meat Free Monday ~ Wholewheat pasta with pesto and salad. When we get back from the panto. Woop woop!

Tuesday ~ New Year's Steaky & Kidney Pie cooked by my other half (his other seasonal contribution has been turkey risotto). 

Wednesday ~ New Year's Day buffet at the inlaws. Looking forward to Pops' lush gammon.

Thursday ~ Spaghetti Carbonara

Fishy Friday ~ Teriyaki Salmon & accompaniments (including the Santa rice cracker noodles our friends sent from Japan!)

Saturday ~ Chicken tortilla wraps/quesadillas

Sunday ~ Another pie - for Epiphany! Last of the leftover turkey in this one I think, and some ham.

Baking plans ~ At a minimum after the overdose of Christmas sweet treats. Although I do have bananas in the freezer to make a 'healthy' breakfast loaf before we go back to school.

Lunches ~ Going to try to think more about lunches too in 2014 as FabDad often joins us for his lunch break. This week I've got soup to make from leftovers - spiced parsnip, butternut squash & potato and stilton. That should stock up the freezer!

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