Thursday, 7 November 2013

Nothing Profound....

I haven't posted for AGES, it seems (almost two months! not that long really....)

Not only have I had nothing profound to say, I just haven't felt like sharing. I've posted a few images of my latest foodie successes on Facebook, and tweeted how much I enjoyed our family All Saints/Halloween evening. But I haven't felt like blogging.

This kind of mirrors what's happening in life. Nothing profound! Just growing the 4Sisters (now aged 9, 7, 3 and 7 months), nurturing my marriage, home and family, taking care of our collective health, making time for spiritual space, seeing a few close friends, trying to experience nature. Nothing profound, nothing much. And yet, simultaneously - everything.

I almost participated in a Ward Visitor training course at the local hospital trust, but decided to spend more time with the children instead. Maybe in 2014. I'm also still due to be commissioned as Lay Minister in pastoral care at my home church, and start my duties there. There's a meeting about that in November. I'm doing work for the company my husband and I set up, and to be honest pastoral care doesn't have an 'off' switch, but mainly, I'm doing the humdrum, humbling & sometimes humiliating work of a mother.

Nothing to write home about.

Nothing really to blog about.

But largely joyful, hard work. Which I thought was worth an update. I may stop blogging altogether if I remain uninspired, or I may pop back here on a more regular basis.

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