Saturday, 3 August 2013

Rate a Park #7

Spider Park, Mansfield, Notts

 This relatively new park won plaudits when it was opened for being some kind of amazingly designed park specifically suited towards the kids of today.  All the girls enjoyed it and rated it highly.

It did have a wide range of play equipment including swings, things to climb, toddler-friendly items and a 'Witch's Hat' which is something you don't get everywhere. The only thing missing was a large, long slide and my only other complaint was that the roundabout would not turn. At all! And not just because of me being a weakling! But still, probably our most successful park so far.

I knew it was a good park because I sat for 15 minutes and fed the baby while all 3 looked after themselves. (It was an enclosed park, which is partly why I chose it at feeding time.) It brought out the sisterhood in them as they looked after each other. There was also much hilarity at snack time when 3rdSister found a crisp in her packet nearly as big as her head!

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