Friday, 2 November 2012

7 EXTREMELY Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 151)


I've been working in 15 minute increments this past couple of days. Potty training. I hope I don't need to say more. I can now get 3rdSister to happily sit and have stories on the toilet, and not leap up in horror if anything emerges from her nether regions. Believe me, this is progress!


We're using pull-ups as well as knickers though, so I have been having some respite from timed toilet visits and unscheduled accidents-on-the-lounge-floor (we knew not to ask for the standard cream-coloured carpets when we moved into our new build houseast December.)


And this morning it's swim nappy time, as after a long hiatus, 3rdSister gets to splash around and play in the local swimming pool. We call this 'swimming'. It's not. But it's exercise, and different to being in the bath.


Yesterday all the ingredients for my Christmas cakes arrived, from organic fruit to brandy. Now I've just got to schedule in time to watch the oven while they bake, at a time that's conveniently after a slot where they could soak overnight, presuming I have had enough time to weigh and measure the ingredients. (I probably won't measure the brandy, mind you, just glug it in there.)


One of our favourite charities, Compassion, through which we sponsor a young Guatemalan child, reminded us this week that if we wanted GuatemalanSister to get a photograph of us all in our Christmas card to her, it needed doing by 1st November. Cue a hasty 'Christmas' family photo from folks dressed variously, including as St Rose of Lima and in dark colours for a Halloween-type party. And 3rdSister, in her pyjamas and not knowing what was going on, refused to smile. The result is not too bad though - I think it'll do for sending with our Christmas cards anyway.


Speaking of which, yesterday was the date I pencilled in for starting to write Christmas cards. But I'm still finishing off sending out birthday thankyous from 1stSister (October) and 3rdSister (August.) Still, big girls & Daddy are off to watch fireworks this evening (I always get much more excited about Bonfire Night than Halloween!) so if I'm not collapsed comatose after 7.30pm tonight, you can guess what I'll be doing.


These are longer than I thought! What else has been happening other than potty training? There are other things, although it does not seem like it. Hmmmm.....we also sent 3 shoeboxes off to Operation Christmas Child this week (you can understand why I'm early for Christmas - all this sending overseas needs to start early don't you know!). If you aren't shoeboxing, consider donating instead. Some of the videos of kids opening their shoeboxes show that what they get really is a gift, and it's a great way for our little ones to learn about giving to and thinking of others.

* with thanks to Jen Fulwiler @ for hosting - head over there now and read a whole load of other Quick Takes!

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