Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Moment of Parenting Genius

I haven't often posted about parenting on here. Perhaps that's because parenting the Three Sisters is much, much, harder than maintaining faith in God and a regular prayer life. But today I have to post, because a moment of parenting genius paid off. Perhaps my ONLY moment of parenting genius. Lightbulb!

Since we went to Spring Harvest over Easter (another thing I didn't blog about yet), and experienced a family holiday in a Christian setting where we were more than a little disappointed by the accommodation but had a whale of a time anyway, Rebecca has had a fear of water. I have no idea whether this was due to her being disappointed by the lack of means to have a bath - she ran screaming from the shower cubicle on Night 2, even though she has always loved that kind of thing - or whether her yelling jumping in the waves on the beach meant she was not having fun, even though it really sounded like it!

Bubble Rain by Steve Jurvetson

But packing up the party bags to give out at SecondSister's 6th birthday party (which is admittedly over a week away, but I like to do things in advance) I realised that bubbles may be the answer. Not just bubbles in the bath, but bubbles blown from a plastic container - bubbles to pop! Now, I have often grumbled about these bubbles. When the kids are little, the bubble mixture gets spilled, and you have to help blow, which is not fun for Mummy. When they get older, the bubble mixture gets spilled and/or thrown by a pesky sister or two, which is not fun for Mummy. But bubbles in the bath - bubbles to watch, laugh at, and pop; bubbles to grab at and be promised after a body wash, a hair drenching, a shampoo; bubbles to be blown into the water so a little tyke who just simply WILL NOT SIT DOWN in the bath at least obligingly bends over to pop with her fingers so her nappy area can be a little cleaner this week.

Bubbles! Parenting inspiration! Bubbles!

Thank you, God :-)

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