Friday, 23 September 2011

7 Quick Takes Volume 7

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 144)


Last Sunday after I'd taken the girls to church my brother in law came over with my nephew, and the family had fun on the trampoline and then we went to the park. Turns out my sister in law (who is pregnant with her second baby) was on a spa day. A spa day! I think I've forgotten what one of those is. I did go on one when SecondSister was 6 months old, I seem to remember. (FIVE. YEARS. AGO.)


And funnily enough, Jen's Quick Takes reminded me that I harbour an inner me who may like to have a spa day and lie by the pool reading a book, rather than congregating in a family pool. Getting splashed. But when I described what you do on a spa day (have a little swim, eat a little food, get a pedicure, lie by the pool reading a book) my 7 year old got incredibly excited. Turns out it's her perfect idea of a day too. (She'd probably also enjoy all that talk about exfoliating when she had her facial or discussing favourite pop music with the manicurist.)


Second best to a spa day, though, is singing, and I was privileged enough not only to begin learning And the Glory of the Lord from Handel's Messiah, but to start practising Christmas carols! Yes, there is plenty of time until our group's concert at my home church, but we needed to check how well we can do them - and we are already sounding great! So lovely to think ahead a little to celebrating the birth of Jesus (and, ahem, be picking up a few stocking stuffers here and there.) (I promise, come Advent, I will go quiet on the subject; I will be waiting.)


I watched Downton Abbey this week. Maybe Anglophiles are what it's made for, but I just didn't get it. There were high production values, but it seemed like every other UK period drama I have seen before. Certainly no Brideshead Revisited. But I have set our machine up to record it every week. So wait until I have watched a few more episodes before I am addicted to a show I am underwhelmed by at first (just like with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Mentalist and, oh, every show I've ever watched.)


My course started this week. It was hugely positive. And hard work. As was the homework we got. Still, I love this early Autumn/beginning of the school year time. Even if I am still driving to pick up school shirts in a bigger size because FirstSister grew. Again.


Tonight is usually Date Night in our house. But, tonight, I had singing rehearsal and my husband is out participating beer and skittles with some of the men from our church. Luckily, I at least got a night of making packed lunches for school. And we have family movie night with a KFC scheduled for tomorrow, to look forward to :-)


Speaking of which...K.F.C.- what is it about you? (To be sung to the tune of NYC, from the musical Annie. Of course.) I don't think KFC takeaway went down well last time we had it in our house a few years back. The girls don't like baked beans or sweetcorn. Or coleslaw. I'm not that keen myself; I'm meant to avoid fatty foods because I'm prone to gallstones. But, I have this thing about getting a family bucket that contains a certain number of portions of fries and so on. (I remember being astounded I couldn't get fries there in the USA. Biscuits and gravy, but no fries!) And they have also spearheaded a donation to the United Nations' Food Fund. So it's off to KFC we'll go!

Have a good week everyone. Take an Autumnal walk over to Jen's original Quick Takes at Conversion Diary. 

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